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Top 5 Seattle Neighborhoods to Live/Work/Play

Top 5 Seattle Neighborhoods to Live/Work/Play

You can’t go wrong with any neighborhood in Seattle since you’re one of the lucky people to live in or visit the Emerald City. But for those that can afford it, a few select neighborhoods offer a trifecta of the best places to live, work, and play.


#5 Georgetown

With all the other neighborhoods becoming so expensive, this neighborhood has been gaining traction over the past few years. It has several hot new restaurants, bars, and breweries attracting people from all over. It’s semi-affordable, semi-convenient to I-5 and downtown, and it’s close to the airport too.

Live: B
Work: B
Play: B

Bottom-line: While not a quintessential Seattle neighborhood, Georgetown has a lot going for it and offers a glimpse at what Seattle once was.


#4 Ballard

Ballard is great. It has it all, too. Great restaurants and nightlife, parks, water, shops, and possibly the city’s best farmer’s market. And Ballard Avenue is one of the single best streets in the city if not the whole country. The problem? You’re stuck there. Ballard is kind of tucked away and quite the drive/bike/walk to get there.

Live: A
Work: B-
Play: A-

Bottom-line: Ballard has it all, except convenience to other places in the city.


#3 Greenlake

Greenlake is the physical activity hub of Seattle. People participate in more sports and activities within a couple blocks of the lake than they do anywhere else in the state. Kayaking, tennis, softball, larping, soccer, golf, paddleboarding, volleyball, jogging, yoga, CroffFit…you can go on and on. It’s there. What’s not there is nightlife. But its location is great and close to many areas of the city.

Live: A
Work: A-
Play: B

Bottom-line: Not much immediately available nightlife, but in terms of overall quality of life, it’s tough to beat.


#2 Queen Anne

Views, beautiful houses, playgrounds, restaurants, concert venues, home of the iconic Space Needle, Queen Anne is the quintessential Seattle neighborhood. Close to everything the city has to offer it’s a must-stop for tourists and highly desirable address for residents.

Live: A
Work: A
Play: B+

Bottom-line: Home to iconic Seattle with much more to offer. But this is certainly reflected in its property values.


#1 Capitol Hill

Just east of downtown is Seattle’s cultural center, Capitol Hill. The best new restaurants open here, the weekend parties happen here, and it’s here you’ll find both stunning high rise condos and classic brick mansions on tree-lined side streets. For residents and tourists alike, it has it all for you to live, work, and play.

Live: A
Work: A
Play: A

Bottom-line: With it’s proximity to downtown and transportation, and being the nightlife and restaurant hub, Capitol Hill offers the best of Seattle.

Honorable mentions: Wallingford, West Seattle, Fremont, Madrona
Dishonorable mentions: Downtown, Belltown, South Lake Union (sorry!)

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