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Vegan Product Review: The Beyond Sausage Brat

Vegan Product Review: The Beyond Sausage Brat

What is it?
They Beyond Sausage Brat by Beyond Meat is a vegan “meat” product made from pea protein and other plant-based ingredients. Pea protein is an easily digested complete protein rich in all nine essential amino acids that is extracted from, obviously, peas. It’s also a popular health supplement. We cooked up a package to check them out. Here’s how ours turned out…

How do they taste compared to the real thing?
If you like brats, they taste identical. The main difference you might find is a more consistent texture and “lighter” feel in the stomach after consumption. There’s no gristle or overly greasy feel to them. Sure, some people will miss that but others won’t. Another difference is the health factor.

Where to find it and how much is it?
It’s available to purchase at Whole Foods and other grocery stores and is on the menu at several restaurants such as Veggie Grill. A pack a four at the grocery store is around $9 and at the restaurant about $12. Look for a package like this…

How to cook it?
It cooks like a regular brat. We coat it in a bit of sunflower oil and then put it on the grill for about 3 minutes per side. It goes great with mustard, sauerkraut, and beer. But go ahead and invent your own combo! Highly recommended!

Grade: A

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