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The Cherragon Fizz Drink Recipe

The Cherragon Fizz Drink Recipe

This weekend we experimented with bourbon, dessert cherries, and tarragon. It was a success! Whenever we try a new cocktail, we write down the recipe exactly as we test it. That way we can tweak it later. Sure, you can get lucky throwing a bunch of things together to get a good drink, but how will you make it again?


1/2 cup Bourbon
1 tbsp Chukar Cherry juice (or maraschino)
3 Chukar Dessert Cherries
Several sprigs of tarragon
Club soda



Pour the cherry juice, one cherry, and tarragon in a bowl, then muddle it to release the herb’s scent. Then in a cocktail shaker with some ice, pour the muddled cherry juice and bourbon, then shake it, shake-shake, shake it (yeah!). Next, in two cocktail glasses (can be short or tall) pour the club soda first and fill half way. Then pour have the cherry tarragon bourbon in each. Garnish with a sprig of tarragon and the other two cherries. Cheers!

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