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Limonata Aperol Fizz Drink Recipe

Limonata Aperol Fizz Drink Recipe

We call it a Limonata Aperol Fizz. It’s our first drink recipe invention posted to this site and it is not bad at all. Here’s what you need to make two drinks.


1/4 cup Aperol
1 cup vodka
2 tbsp San Pellegrino Limonata
2 basil leaves
Cocktail shaker


Step 1

Fill the cocktail shaker full of ice then add the vodka, Aperol and bitters. Shake, shake, shake it baby!

Step 2

Pour it into two martini glasses leaving a little room for the sparkling lemonade (San Pellegrino Limonata).

Step 3

Top off martini glasses with the Limonata. Add more if you prefer it sweeter and fizzier.

Step 4

Rub basil leaf around the rim of the glass and drop it in the drink. You just want to release its aromatics so you get a scent as you take your first sip.


Did you know?

Aperol is a long-established concoction made from a secret recipe. Bright orange in colour, it has a unique taste, thanks to this recipe (which has never been changed either). It is infused with selected ingredients including bitter and sweet oranges and many other herbs (including rhubarb) and roots. In the immediate post-war period (1919) and in later years, Aperol became popular all over Italy, particularly with young adults active in their social life.

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