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Menu Item Review: Vegan Chorizo & Potato Tacos at Pablo y Pablo in Seattle

Menu Item Review: Vegan Chorizo & Potato Tacos at Pablo y Pablo in Seattle

This past weekend we brunched at Pablo y Pablo in Seattle. There was only one vegan taco item and that was a Chorizo and Potatoes Taco. Here’s our review:


Vegan Chorizo and Potatoes Taco
Ingredients: Soyrizo, potatoes, habanero salsa, green onion, cilantro, and cashew cheese in a corn tortilla.

The taco portion of their brunch menu.


Pablo y Pablo
1605 N. 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103


Sunday, March 3rd around noon


$5 per taco


The good: It was delicious! The “meaty” seasoned chorizo was savory, the cashew “cheese” was smooth and creamy, the potatoes added a nice crunch, and the onion and salsa added the sweet and sour tang to round it all out. It’s not just a good vegan taco; it’s a great taco. I’d gladly recommend these to vegans and carnivores alike.

The bad: At $5/taco it’s expensive. I had two and wanted a third. But at $15 plus tax and tip, that’s too much. Even though Seattle is expensive, usually a trio of tacos is about $12 total. But if they are able to sell these at that price, they probably won’t be lowering the price anytime soon. (sigh)


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